(no)rain mix @ jardins suspendus closing 2014

1. Afrikan Basement “Makussa (African Deep)” Part One – Sacred Rhythm Music
2. Djeff Afrozila “Celebration” (Manoo Remix) – Tribe Records
3. Jerome Sydenham “Sting” – UK Promotions
4. Z Factor “The Piano Principle” (JN Moog Dub) – Z Records
5. Hyenah “The Wish (Manoo Remix) – Freerange
6. Point G “Confusion” – Real Tone (Track rushed in the 90’s)
7. Coral Way Chiefs “Release Myself” (13th Ave. Mix) – Murk Records
8. Tribal House “Motherland” (Freedom Mix) – Pow Wow Records
9. Soha “Les Enfants Du Bled” – Yellow Productions
10. Arno E. Mathieu “Horse Tears” (Unreleased Version) – Clima Records


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