rainmixtape-039 [NYC-90’S]


1.  Jephté Guillaume  “The Prayer” (Acroostramental) – Vodou EP Dubbs SLM
2.  MKL “Her Song” (Sting’s Back Yard Dub) – Versions EP Dance Tracks
3. Rhythm & Sound “Mango Drive” – Rhythm & Sound (+ Basil Hardhaus “Black Man” Peace-A-Pella)
4. Bobby Konders “Massai Women” – Nu Groove
5. Liberty City “Some Lovin” (Deep Dub) – Murk Records
6. Chocolette “It’s That East Street Beat” (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
7. Adonis “No Way Back” (Instrumental) – Trax Records
8. Michael Procter “Love Don’t Live” (Original Vibe Mix) – Soulfuric
9.  The deep “Love Your Brother” – Basenotic Records
10. Sub-Urban Soul “Domything” (Mix 2) – Sub-Urban (+ Dis Poem Acapella)
11. Nami Shimada “Sun Shower” (Instrumental Version) – Columbia



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