clima autumn time at batofar [rain’s playlist]

Unfortunately, the recording of the night is saturated. Here is my playlist :

1. Peter Michael Hamel “Beyond The Wall Of Sleep” – Celestial Harmonies
2. Ashes To Machines “Resistance” (Vakula Remix) – Leleka
3. The Machine “Opening Ceremony (Fuse)” – Rekids
4. Soha “Les Enfants du Bled” – Yellow Prod.
5. Dagui Rodan “Eternal Love” (Dub) – CDR
6. Roy Ayers “Tarzan” (Ame Remix) – BBE
7. Beat Galore Friction “Since 1997” (Dazzle Drums Remix) – Good & Evil Music
8. Matt’Samo “Lonely Romance” (Main) – Clima Records
9. MKL vs. Soy Sos “7 Times” (MKL Lion1Raw Remix)  – Lion1Music
10. Aid to souless “One Night” (Osunlade Inst. Mix) – Phuture Sole
11. Arno E. Mathieu “Horse Tears” – Clima Records (the hands in the air track !!!)
12. Instant House “Hat Hat” – Sacred Rhythm Music
13. Carl Craig “Darkness” (The Max Mix) – Planet E
14. Dan Electro “Let Them Come” (Inst. + Vocal Remix) – Soulab
15. Emmanuel Jal “Kuar Version” (Henrik Schwarz Remix) – Innervisions
16. Koloke “West Afrikan Guitar Groove” – Spiritual Life Music
17. Women of Color “Elemental” (Immersion Mix) – Natural Resource


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