rainmixtape-034 [summer mood]


1. Arno E. Mathieu “Night Sequence” (Moonlight Drive Version) – Clima / SRM
2. Reggie Dokes “Once Again” (Morning Factory Remix) – Royal Oak
3. Arno E. Mathieu “Soil” (Springtime Version) – Clima / SRM
4. Earthman Experience “Fighting For Life” (Main Vocal Radio Edit) – SRM
5. Joe Smooth “Promise Land” – DJ International
6. Willie Colon & Ruben Blades “Siembra” (Dance Dub One) – Fania / SRM
7. Jill Scott “Rolling Hills V3” (Timmy Regisford Remix) – Shelter
8. Afro Celt Soundsystem “Release” (Masters At Work Dub 1) – Real World
9. Mr Fingers “Distant Planet” – Trax
10. Georg Levin “The Better Life” (Dub) – BBE
11. Rodena Preston & The Voices Of Delivrance “Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone” (Joe Claussell Edit) – SRM


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