rainmixtape-033 [sunday afternoon rain dance]


1. Jephté Guillaume Feat. Jean Claude Lamarre “Rhythm Of The Rain” – Tet Kale
2. Aquarian Dream “Love And Tears” (Soul Creatures Reworked Live Dub) – Defender Music
3. Snowboy “Casa Forte” (Sunday Afternoon Wind & Drum Mix) – Spiritual Life Music
4. Bah Samba “Tired Little One” (Main Mix) – Estereo
5. Men From The Nile Part. 2 “Watch Them Come” – Undaground Therapy Muzik
6. Femi Kuti “Beng Beng Beng” (Ashley Beedle’s Africans On Marz) – Sound Of Barclay
7. Jephté Guillaume “Kote Moun Yo” (Where Are The People) – Spiritual Life Music
8. Instant House “Lost Horizons” (The Mind Travel Version) – Jungle Sounds Records
9. The Deep “Dom Dom Jump” (Original Mix) – Basenotic Records
10. Nitin Sawhney “Homelands” (Joe Claussell Remixes) – Outcaste/Toy’s Factory/SLM


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