rainmixtape-021 [pluie électronique part. 1]

///////// NOT ONLINE \\\\\\\\


1. Alva Noto “Haliod Xerrox Copy 4” – Raster-Noton
2. Hologram “Solstice” – Natural Resource
3. Function “Immolare” (Function Version) – Sandwell District
4. Jeff Mills “Medium Gray” – Axis
5. Slam Mode “Life” – Spiritual Life Music
6. Martin Buttrich “Programmer” – Planet e
7. Secret Cinema “Remember” – EC Records
8. Lower East Side Pipes “And We Still Do Not Get It” – Sacred Rhythm Music
9. Manuel Göttsching “Deep(er) Distance” (Sacred Rhythm Mix) – MG.ART
10. Ame “Rej” (Original Mix) – Innervisions
11. Kraftwerk “Numbers/Computer World..2” – Golden Cloud
12. Mental Remedy “Eno” (Demo) – Sacred Rhythm Music
13. Danton Eeprom “Wings Of Death” – Infine


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