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1. 3 Generations Walking “Slavery Dub” – Spiritual Life Music
2. Sister Pearl “Bang The Drum” (Manoo Instrumental Remix) – Tribe
3. Miranda Nicole “Kissing You” (Libation Vox) – Tea Party Music
4. Jovonn “Vital Sound” (Jovonn Next Moov Club Mix) – Jelllybean Soul
5. Aid to souless “One Night” (Osunlade Vocal Mix) – Phuture Sole
6. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. “Sandcastles” (Jerome’s Demo Dub) – Ibadan
7. Zepherin Saint “Midnight Mawal” (Instrumental Mix) – Tribe
8. Bayara Citizens “Bambara” (Sacred Rhythm Version) – Sacred Rhythm Music
9. Roy Ayers “Running Away” – Polydor
10. Chocolette “It’s That East Street Beat” – Supertronics
11. Ron Trent “Woman” (Africa Hi Fi Mix) – Future Vision Records


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