rainmixtape-013 [summer rain in the city]

///////// NOT ONLINE \\\\\\\\


1. Eddie Palmieri “Mi Congo Te Llama” (Sacred Rhythm Dance Version) – Fania/SRM
2. Aquarian Dream “Love And Tears” (Soul Creature Reworked Live Mix) – Defender
3. Dj Gregory & Gregor Salto “Canoa” (Original Mix) – Faya Combo
4. Koloke “West Afrikan Guitar Groove” – Spiritual Life Music
5. Tortured Soul “I Might Do Something Wrong” (Lonely Mix) – Central Park
6. Earth Wind & Fire “Mom” (Vocal) – Underground Access
7. Black Coffee feat. Thiwe “Crazy” (Quentin Harris Remix) – Foliage
8. Ayo “Life Is Real” (Soulfeast Remix) – CDR
9. Ismael Miranda “Me Voy Ahora” (Sacred Rhythm Alternate Version) – Fania/SRM


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