rainmixtape-004 [an electronik musical trip]

///////// NOT ONLINE \\\\\\\\


1. Alva Noto “Haliod Xerrox Copy 3 (Paris)” – Raster Noton
(With Joe Claussell “Code 58” Acapella – Sacred Rhythm Music)
2. Ricardo Villalobos “Enfants” (Chants) – Sei Es Drum
3. Basic Channel “Phylyps Trak II” – Basic Channel
4. Dennis Ferrer “The Red Room” (Obj Vocal Mix) – Objectivity
5. Lil Louis “French Kiss” (Original Mix) – Diamond Records
6. Soul Dhamma “Flower” (Scuba Underwater Garden Mix) – Velocity
7. The Field “Good Thing End” – Kompakt
8. Secret Cinema “Saccades” – EC Records
9. Women Of Color “Elemental” (Immersion Mix) – Natural Resource
10. Arno E. Mathieu “Conviction” (Espérance Version) – Clima Records
11. H. Schwarz & Amampondo “I Exist Because Of You” (Live Version) – Innervisions
12. Joe Claussell “Cosmic Forest” – Sacred Rhythm Music
13. Tread “Last Resolution” – Norm
14. Mis Information : Organized Contradictions “Jeff Mills / Music” – Slow To Speak


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