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1. Vangelis “Islands Of The Orient” – Atlantic
2. Timeline “Time Sensitive” (Los Hermanos Mix) – UR
3. Matt’ Samo “Lonely Romance” (Main Mix) – Clima Records
4. Jephté Guillaume “The Prayer” (Tet Kale Beats) – Spiritual Life Music
5. Jephté Guillaume “The Prayer” (Accroustic Version) – Spiritual Life Music
6. G-Man “Quo Vadis” (With Jephté’s Kominikepela) – Styrax Leaves
7. Henrik Schwarz “Imagination Limitation” (Mix 1) – !K7
8. Peter Gabriel Feat. Kate Bush “Don’t Give Up” – Geffen Records
9. Mental Remedy “Middle Eastern Blues” (Echoes Of Chaos) – Sacred Rhythm Music
10. Dj Gregory “Traffic” (With Spirits Of The North Acapella) – Faya Combo
11. Liberty City “Some Lovin” (Vocal Mix) – Murk Records
12. Nitin Sawhney “Tides” (Original Version) – Outcaste/Spiritual Life Music


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